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The Glenmark Vicarage was built in 1906, and was gifted to the community along with St Pauls Church, by Annie Quayle Townend. Annie was the daughter of George Moore, a local landowner who became one of New Zealand's richest men. Moore owned the nearby Glenmark Estate, and built a mansion that was grandiose both in style and size. The mansion, uninsured, succumbed to fire three years after it was built, and the estate was divided up after the war into smaller farms.

Annie inherited her fathers wealth, and was a generous benefactor to the Canterbury District, and dedicated the Church to her father and late husbands memory. The Church was badly damaged in the 2011 Earthquake, and remains closed and deemed structurally unsafe until funds are secured for its repair. The vicarage itself survived the earthquakes relatively unscathed.

Read more about Annie Quayle Townend here.

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