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Late Harvest Riesling 2014

Vintage Notes

  • Harvest Date: 11th May 2014, hand-harvested
  • Brix: 35.0
  • Fermentation: Stainless Steel
  • Alcohol: 9.7%
  • Residual Sugar: 142g/l
  • Titratible Acidity: 5.85g/l
  • pH: 2.91
  • Winemaker: Gavin Tait

Cellar Notes 

The grapes were hung out until May then hand-harvested clean with a perfect balance of Noble Botrytis The juice was fermented cool between 10 and 14.5 degrees C. Once a perfect balance was achieved the wine was cooled and then sulphured with subsequent fining filtration and bottling to retain as much freshness and vibrancy as possible. 

Tasting Notes 

Intense nose of honey dew, apricot skins, ripe nectarine and vanilla pod. A rich and unctous palate full of honey baked stonefruit characters. 375ml bottle. 

Silver medal Alpine Pacific Wine Challenge 2018
Slver medal Alpine Pacific Wine Challenge 2015

Sweeter Daughter 2014 Late Harvest Riesling

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